About Us

How We Started?
We care about you and environment We love our nature and love fun. That's why we decided to make environmentally friendly products and bring joy to people's life.
Located in beautiful Florida, USA our business is handcrafted with care.
Finding all natural bath products that are actually good for your body shouldn’t be as difficult as finding Bigfoot...in the forest...in the middle of the night.
Unfortunately, when we started searching in Florida and beyond for bath products, we found that most of them were made with ingredients that we would never want to use on ourselves - and more importantly, on our children.
Sure, Bigfoot probably doesn’t use bath products, so maybe he wouldn’t be so worried about chemicals and unnecessary ingredients, but we are.
Here are our three priorities when it comes to every product we make.
  • Safe for the whole family: Every product we make is all natural and organic ingredients, without anything that would make you want to jump out of the bath and scream “there’s something in the water!”
  • The Highest Quality: We believe that “Quality” shouldn’t be a dirty word. All bath bombs, soaps and bath salts give you premium quality which in turn, make it so they feel amazing on your skin and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.
Handmade is better: Could we mass produce everything and have the joy of watching a thousand little bath bombs come creeping down a conveyor belt? Yes. Would we? Never. As fun as “letting a machine do all the work” sounds, it’s not how we work.
We believe in quality control, handmade craftsmanship and honest to goodness love and effort in each product.
Bath products that are mass produced and chemical induced? We call that bath products abuse, and we won’t stand for it - and neither should you!
The safest, all natural, handmade bath bombs, bath salts and soaps are here.
Kids and adults alike love the fresh scents and fun colors, not to mention the silky smooth skin that you’ll have after just one use.
We’d tell you more, but there’s a gentleman at our door who appears to be about 8 feet tall, hairy and looks a lot like…
Oh, good. Bigfoot finally wants some soap. We knew he’d choose us!
We hope you do too.
Disclaimer: Use of our all natural, handmade bath bombs, bath salts or soaps may result in giddiness, excitement and an overall happiness you may not expect. Our products are made with 100% satisfaction guaranteed and are safe for anyone who likes to be clean. Repeated use of our soaps may cause people in your family to give you a high five or an unanticipated hug, just so they can be near you. Don’t use our products with any caution...just go for it. Have fun. Smell great.